Nothing Domains

Nothing Domains - Tutorial

ShareX Setup

Step 1. Open ShareX > Destinations > Destination Settings

ShareX Step 1

Step 2. Copy the JSON code below to your clipboard. Go to "Custom Uploaders" in ShareX > Import > From Clipboard

	"Name": "Nothing.Domains",
	"RequestType": "POST",
	"RequestURL": "",
	"FileFormName": "files[]",
	"Headers": {
		"Authorization": "API KEY HERE"
	"ResponseType": "Text",
	"URL": "https://domain you want/$json:files[0].url$"

ShareX Step 2

Step 3. Replace "API KEY HERE" in Headers with an API key from your client area. Then replace "domain you want" (and only that text) in the URL with the domain you want supported by us.

ShareX Step 3

Step 4. Confirm and select the nothing domains uploader. If you did everything correctly, uploading files should work without issue!

ShareX Step 4